Our Materials and Fabrics

Our bespoke shirting service

Start from premium cotton blend which are all “easy care”, means less wrinkling for you. Luxurious sea island cottons, a beautiful range of shirting fabrics milled in England and Italy.

Great respect for tradition, continuous research for the elegant classical taste, maniacal attention to quality, from the choice of yarns to the finishes. offers all the pleasure of a shirt that is unique in its appearance, touch and performance.

Irish linen is considered to be the world’s finest, and Baird McNutt’s the finest in Ireland. It has an incredible softness, thanks to a weaving process that the mill has been perfecting since 1912.

Our material for suiting

  • Superfine blend: For economical price and easy to take care of – Wrinkle free.
  • Cotton: For a customer who want a slightly higher grade material, then we highly recommend going for a pure 100% cotton fabric.
  • Pure wool: Pure wool made in England and Italy from some of the finest mills.


We have a huge range of linings from italy and some also made here in Asia. Also the world best lining from Bemberg 100% natural fibers which are silky texture which make it gentle on your skin. Remain free from interior dampness and wet cling due to the fast absorption nature.